About us

Hi everyone! My name is Dana and I'm from Toronto, Canada.

I always loved DIY and crafting and I was making customized tumblers, ornaments, and even baked from home.

I was always interested in sewing and my dad's wife has a Singer sewing machine, one day I asked her to teach me a bit how to sew on the machine and I thought I fell in a new love.

In the same week, I got the newest Singer machine for myself (actually my husband got it for me - he is the most supportive man in the world) and I tried to sew by myself.

As an owner of really curly and stubborn hair, I use a lot of hair accessories and products, and I thought for myself that I should create some scrunchies for myself and went to YouTube and watched a few videos on how to create some scrunchies ( to be honest the first few was a disaster) and after I created some of them and showed to my family and couple friends and the Buzz was so high that they suggested sharing my crafts with everyone and that's was the moment that I decided to create my own web.

why dndbuzz?

My name is Dana (Born as Daniela) and my husband name is Daniel (crazy coinsedence) and we are doing everything together, we thought for a name for a our web and stoped on DnDBUZZ that mention our names and how our products will create a BUZZ .


We are going together to fabric stores to choose our best fabrics in the store, even if we wasn't planned to buy fabrics we always get some fabrics, surprisely Daniel can't pass the stands without showing me some fabrics and colors (his grandmother she worked for years as a dressmaker so probably he got it from her) and we just can't go out without getting some fabrics.

Daniel cutting the fabrics for me (Did I told already that I have the most supportive hubby?) in 3 sizes, XL (oversize scrunchie) and Medium scrunchie (a bit bigger that standard scrunchie) and Smaill size, I'm sewing the labels and finish the scrunchie.

every scrunchie is handmade by us from the beginning to the final product with a lot of love and care.

Thank you everyone for supporting us and our small family business and making our dreams come true, you are the best!

Xl scrunchie

XL scrunchie is oversized scrunchie, that is 3-4 times bigger than a standard scrunchie, perfect accessory full you hair.

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Medium scrunchie

Medium scrunchie is a smaller version of XL scrunchie - even it's mini it's bigger than most of the standard scrunchies

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